Yamaha RD250/350LCs Performance Portfolio 1980-1996

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Yamaha RD250/350LCs Performance Portfolio 1980-1996

New Book 136 pages, 350 illus. Softback ISBN: 9781855206250

Built chiefly with the European market in mind because the two-stroke was being legislated against in the US, and emulating the TZ racer, the launch of the RD LC in 1980 has played a major part in motorcycling history. Commissioned by Yamaha Amsterdam the LC, or Elsie as it became known, was styled by Mike Oldfield with the assistance of John Mockett who came up with the famous Italic wheels, the pro-Am fairing and belly pan. It was the first bike to have a list of extras, such as expansion chambers, race-tuned engines and race-replica paintwork, which enabled the owner to make their LC an individual model. It was also a bike to inspire specials such as the Streetfighter. Lessons learnt previously on the track were transferred to the street bikes. A big advantage was putting a water jacket round the cylinders and the chassis benefited from better rear suspension. In 1983 the engine was tuned to behave well at low speed in traffic but when revved it turned into a racer. All these new refinements, however, pushed the price up. Not only that but the top speed of 105mph was noted by the Government who, until now, had allowed learner riders to ride bikes up to 250cc on L plates. This was now reduced to 125cc and 12bhp! Right from the beginning of its life the LC250 won first time out in the Production TT and the 350 was equally successful in the 500 Class. The factory backed Pro-am Championships launched many racing careers, including Niall McKenzie, Alan Carter, Kenny Irons and Damon Hill. With such an illustrious racing life it is not surprising that there are still many LCs on the starting grids today. In the latter part of its life the LC had competition from Kawasaki and Suzuki and despite new models and a price hike the end of production finally came in 1996. This must have been one of the most FUN bikes ever made. Everyone I know has a tale to tell. The Cult of Elsie is still going strong and although they are not so prominent at local bike meets there are plenty in garages all over the world being restored and fettled by enthusiasts. After twenty-one years what other bike can claim to have stirred so many people's emotions in this way? In my opinion this is the best motorcycle to have been built and by the time you have read this book you will smell the two-stroke and be Powerband Crazy. A portfolio of contemporary articles leads us through the development of the RD250/350LCs. Included are road & comparison tests, new model intros, long term tests, racing, buyer's guide & history. 

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