One Man Caravan

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One Man Caravan

by Robert Fulton Jnr.


Robert Fulton's legendary journey by motorcycle began in 1932 when he set out on an eighteen-month odyssey across Asia and the Mid-East.

This is possibly the first, and certainly one of the best accounts of motorcycle adventure travel ever written.
Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Sumatra, Malaysia, Siam, Indonesia, China, and Japan are challenging destinations even today.

But this story took place at the beginning of the 20th century. Only a special brand of adventurer would even consider such a journey - one exactly like Fulton.
His customized bike had an extra large fuel tank, a secret hiding place for his .32 revolver, and enough room in his luggage for a motion-picture camera and 40,000 feet of film.

This entertaining story, narrated with Fulton's remarkable insight and illustrated by his original drawings, photographs, maps, and charts, tells of his travels in Turkey, Waziristan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
Robert Fulton was a Renaissance man with an enormous appetite for life who did not stop at dreams.

This book takes you to a fascinating part of our world that's been lost forever, seen through the eyes of one of the 20th century's greatest spirits.


Pages 275, Illustrations black and white, Format 5.5 x 8.5 inches, Binding Paperback

Author Robert Fulton, Jr.


ISBN: 1-884313-05-1

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